“Hey, where’s the flag?”

My Brother, on the way to Capture The Flag – “You need to have stealth!”
Me: “Can I roll a D20?”


Today was exhausting and awesome.

I went out with high school friends today and played capture the flag. We played for around 5 hours, running through the arboretum of the college. I fell down a hill once, so I have a reasonable amount of scrapes and cuts. 

It was a really good time though. Saw a lot of old friends, and my brother played too. Seriously, one of the best things for me is seeing my brother with friends, being invited to things. He’s always kind of been an outcast, so it’s so good to see him going out with people – especially people I know. 


Not much else has happened, really. I have some homework to do, and I’m accompanying a friend to a wedding reception tomorrow. Hopefully my ankle will be done hurting by then, so I can dance and such. 


A final quote, then I think I’m going to call it a night:

Sean (talking about his visit): “I want it to go perfectly. Perfect comes with stress, worry, and nerves.”
Me: “Don’t worry. We don’t need perfect, we just need to be together.”

Peace, Love, and Trees,


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