Happy Summer and Hello Blog!

Here’s a pretty summery picture of Lake Michigan

Hey there, loyal reader.

Yes, yes, I’m talking to you! You, who still reads my blog, even when my last post was an obligatory review of lip gloss, and even when that post was…SEVEN months ago.

You’re awesome.

You’re awesome, and I have some great news for you – it’s summer! I have finally finished my junior year of college, which was pretty rough. I somehow managed to survive 17 credit hours and semester while working two jobs and, just saying’, I’m pretty freaking proud of myself. And now I get a chance to pause and refocus on the things that I enjoy. Kind of. In between working full time and a summer class during the first half of summer, I will refocus on things I enjoy.

Regardless, that means more blogging! And I have some things I’ve been really wanting to blog about! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:


Those of you who know me know that I don’t really put in a lot of effort when it comes to beauty. Make up kind of confuses me, and I prefer sweatpants (or no pants) to just about any other clothing option. The one thing I really care about is my hair. Not in a “I’m going to straighten/curl/do my hair every day” sort of way, but more of a “I enjoy having hair that is healthy and nice to look at” sort of way. In the next week or so I will be dying it red with henna, and possibly switching to “no-poo.”  I’ll blog all about hair stuff, and maybe even try to learn some more about make up, too.

Video Games

The boyfriend and I just renewed our World of Warcraft subscriptions for the first time in nearly a year. Need I say more? No, but I will anyway – I have a ton of games in my steam and humble bundle libraries that need to be played. I have a nerdy boyfriend who is considering shipping me his xbox. Gaming will happen.


I’m gonna be working on building my portfolio this summer, yay!! I’m taking a summer class, hoping to do some more freelance projects, and just design stuff for funsies. I may also work on fleshing out my senior seminar project (basically my thesis). I’ve also been wanting to try my hand at comics, and do some body studies.


I want to bring my focus back around to God this summer. No, I’m not going to try to convert all of you to Christianity and, no, I won’t be posting about God in every single post. But I will be doing devotionals and bible studies and if something really speaks to me, I want to share it with you too. Maybe we can grow a little together!


Finally, we’re gonna get healthy this summer. We being Sean and I (thought you are all welcome to join us!). Together we are going to make a work out plan (complete with cardio, even though I hate cardio), and start watching what we eat. It’s gonna be great. Here, I’ll share fun work out tips, maybe some songs I like to listen to when I work out, and tasty healthy foods!


So yeah, that’s the summer plan! It’s gonna be great.

If there’s anything else you’re itching to read about, let me know! I’m here to please, and I love exploring new topics!


Peace, love, and long naps,



NYC Big Bold Lip Gloss – A Review

I recently received the varsity voxbox from Influenster. For those of you who don’t know, Influenster is a website/program that gauges your influence via social media posts and activity, as well as your activity (reviews, surveys) on their website. The voxboxes are full of sample items for you to test.

In the varsity voxbox I received the following items:

  • tide pods
  • nyc lip gloss
  • airhead extreme bites
  • clearasil superfruit face wash
  • kiss nail dress

In this post I will talk about the NYC Big Bold Lip Gloss specifically.

I personally am not a big fan of lip gloss usually – I find it to be too sticky and goopy and generally really annoying – I don’t feel pretty with goopy lips. So when I received the sample and realized I was going to have to wear lip gloss, I was not super excited.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by NYC Big Bold Lip Gloss. It was less sticky than most lip glosses – more like chapstick than lip gloss. And whatever is in the gloss that makes your lips plump also makes them tingle, which was unexpected but kind of nice feeling.

[It’s probably important to note here that I don’t feel my lips got any more “plump” from using this lip gloss. If you’ve seen me, you know that I don’t really need my lips to look any bigger, ever, but I know that’s an important factor to some people.]

Basically the only thing I didn’t like about my NYC Big Bold Lip Gloss was the color, but that’s pretty easy to fix because NYC makes their lip gloss in 12 different shades!! My solution for the sample was to put it over my NYC lip stain.


So there are my thoughts on the NYC Lip Gloss! If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to comment below :]


Advertisement Re-Design

Hey guys! If you’ve been keeping up with my blog recently, you probably saw my rough advertisement re-design a week or two ago. I didn’t give any real context at the time, the post was mostly to make it easier to share with my professor, but here’s some more info:

I’m in a typography class this semester, and one of the assignments was to find an advertisement with poor use of text and re-design it. We were instructed to maintain the dimensions of the advertisement, as well as the imagery.

vangoghblueThe advertisement I chose to redesign was an advertisement for Van Gogh Blue Vodka. I liked the concept, I found it humorous and effective, and the colors/image caught my attention. However, the font was large and bold, in all caps, which was hard on the eyes. In addition to the large boldness, the font at one point overlaps the bottle of vodka (both are white), which makes it even harder to read.

glass_adredo2In my final redesign, I changed the font quite a bit. I maintained the all-caps, but created size variation to make it easier on the eyes. I used a script font for “Ladies’ Night” because when I think about ladies’ night I think of script fonts and sexy dresses (and sexy dresses don’t really fit here, haha). I also made a few key words blue, to help connect the bottle with the font a little bit more.

Finally, to really reign in the joke in the text, I alternated the size even more. My professor suggested to read the text like a comedian would read it: “Ladies night is all fun and games untiiiiiiiil someone posts a video you wouldn’t want your grandma to see!” (cue audience laughter)

So I made the first part, the introduction to the punchline, small and a little more condensed. leading into the larger punch line (and also connecting the script font to the all-caps font a little more). I also made the final line, “But good for her, all blue-haired and facebooking” smaller, because it doesn’t really connect to the punchline. It’s more like a funny afterthought, or a sub-punchline (mini-joke?).



Sexuality in Long Distance Relationships

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak with a counselor who specializes in sexual assault. The program she spoke at was all about “college sex,” and participants were encouraged to ask questions. We talked about things like the difference between an STD and an STI, if “college sex” was different from regular sex or if it was just a stigma (FYI: it’s a stigma), and how many partners people normally have in college and in life.

At the end of the program, after many interesting and occasionally awkward conversations, I went up to speak to the counselor one-on-one, because I had a question that I knew didn’t pertain to the entire group, and knew would be easy to point back to me if I anonymously put it in the question box.

“I was just wondering what sort of things you hear about sexuality within long distance relationships,” I said, smiling to hide how nervous I was. I rarely bring up this topic for fear of being judged, even though I’ve read enough things online to know that this is a very normal part of LDRs and relationships in general. There’s even a Big Bang Theory episode about it.

Read more…

Boy Meets Subtle Christian Undertones

Sean and I have been watching Boy Meets World from the very beginning through to the end recently. We’re somewhere in season 6 right now. For those of you who don’t know, Boy Meets World is a family-oriented sitcom that ran from 1993 to 2000. It followed Cory, Topanga, and Shawn from middle school all the way through to college, teaching general life lessons as the characters grew up.

Shawn, Topanga, Cory, and Eric

Something I’ve really noticed during this watch through is the Christian undertones of the show. In one episode, Shawn half joins a cult, and speaks to God at the end of the episode. In another, Eric asks God why he put a young boy in his life. In the most recent we’ve watched, Topanga walks in on Cory praying, and prays with him, thanking God for each other.

Shawn speaking to God after Mr. Turner’s accident

And, I have to say, I am really loving this aspect of the show. It’s something I never paid attention to before, but that I’m really enjoying. I think there’s something to be said for a show that teaches basic values, and touches on Christianity, without being pushy or obvious. And I feel like Boy Meets World did this really well.

That being said, I’m sad to say that this aspect of the show would undoubtedly not fly on television today, and probably won’t be retained in the sequel series, Girl Meets World.

The only thing I can’t figure out is why?

Why is Christianity so frowned up in television shows that aren’t labeled as “Christian”? Why is it offensive to see a character you love pray, or struggle with their faith?

I understand that not everyone is Christian, but I don’t think you have to be Christian to appreciate the struggle a character may have with faith, or the closeness two people can feel as a result of their shared faith.

And, since the show isn’t pushing Christianity, or even blatantly saying GOD IS REAL, what reason is there to be offended?

Returning, With Gusto!

Hey all.

I just want to take a minute to apologize to those of you who follow my blog, both for the drama that broke out here a few months ago, and my resulting disappearance.

A lot of people I know personally (outside of the internet) began reading my blog and had a lot to say about it. I needed to take some time to reevaluate what I choose to share here, and how I choose to share it.

That being said, I’d like to announce that I am back and dedicated to bringing you quality posts about life, humans, design, college, shows/films, games, and basically whatever else I feel like writing about. I plan to stay away from current family situations, unless I feel they can be used as a commentary on something very human that I feel very strongly about (I tried to do this in the past, but I feel like somewhere along the line I may have strayed a little).

I’ll be seeing you!