Advertisement Re-Design

Hey guys! If you’ve been keeping up with my blog recently, you probably saw my rough advertisement re-design a week or two ago. I didn’t give any real context at the time, the post was mostly to make it easier to share with my professor, but here’s some more info:

I’m in a typography class this semester, and one of the assignments was to find an advertisement with poor use of text and re-design it. We were instructed to maintain the dimensions of the advertisement, as well as the imagery.

vangoghblueThe advertisement I chose to redesign was an advertisement for Van Gogh Blue Vodka. I liked the concept, I found it humorous and effective, and the colors/image caught my attention. However, the font was large and bold, in all caps, which was hard on the eyes. In addition to the large boldness, the font at one point overlaps the bottle of vodka (both are white), which makes it even harder to read.

glass_adredo2In my final redesign, I changed the font quite a bit. I maintained the all-caps, but created size variation to make it easier on the eyes. I used a script font for “Ladies’ Night” because when I think about ladies’ night I think of script fonts and sexy dresses (and sexy dresses don’t really fit here, haha). I also made a few key words blue, to help connect the bottle with the font a little bit more.

Finally, to really reign in the joke in the text, I alternated the size even more. My professor suggested to read the text like a comedian would read it: “Ladies night is all fun and games untiiiiiiiil someone posts a video you wouldn’t want your grandma to see!” (cue audience laughter)

So I made the first part, the introduction to the punchline, small and a little more condensed. leading into the larger punch line (and also connecting the script font to the all-caps font a little more). I also made the final line, “But good for her, all blue-haired and facebooking” smaller, because it doesn’t really connect to the punchline. It’s more like a funny afterthought, or a sub-punchline (mini-joke?).



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