Going The Distance – An LDR Movie Review

Sean and I wrote a review of the movie “Going The Distance” on our joint blog, and I’d like to share it with my followers πŸ™‚

Rule 1: No Secrets

Hey there everyone! I know this isn’t on the agenda, but, well, I left my camera at the house so I can’t really do anything from the agenda. However, Sean and I spent a lovely evening watching a movie related to long distance relationships earlier this week, and found it only fitting to share our thoughts about the film on our ldr-related blog!

Quick Summary [Spoiler Alert!]:

Erin (played by Drew Barrymore) is a 30-year-old college student interning at a newspaper in New York. Garrett (played by Justin Long) works as an A&R scout at a company he hates, also in New York. The two meet in the stereotypical β€œmeet cute” situation (they get off on the wrong foot, seem incompatible, then end up really liking each other). The next day Erin tells Garrett she had fun, but she is only in New York for 6 weeks…

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