Final Poster and Closing Thoughts – Improbable Exhibition

Hey all! I finished my final design for my improbable exhibition poster last night.

Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 11.51.39 AM

(ignore the gray line around it – I took a screenshot instead of saving it as a jpeg, so that’s just my art board)

Overall, I’m really pleased. After getting my text waved how I wanted it to, everything else just kind of fell into place. I realized that my body text needed more room, scooted by title text to the left, shortened the slug trail to give the logo some room – it all just made sense at that point. I am still a little worried about readability, but only from a distance. And posters aren’t really read from a distance, so that’s okay, I think. To help the readability, I did lighten the cement texture of the background a little.

When I was printing the poster, one of the girls from my class was in the lab. She was actually the person who suggested making my text more organic. So, I asked her what she thought, and she really liked it. She felt like the wave to the text really pulls everything together and makes it more visually interesting.

Something else I finally got around to editing was the body text:

This winter, join Michael Mordecai as he shows us the unnoticed beauty found in the common slug’s daily excretions. Despite the slug’s short life span and slow movements, it leaves a trail everywhere it goes; always connecting it to it’s past. This constant connection can serve to remind us, as humans, to pause during our busy lives to reflect on the past. Remind us that time goes by.

Mordecai himself describes the exhibit as “a rest stop,” – a place for people to come and relax, and really become one with nature and the slug. He hopes that the carefully crafted trails, developed slowly over months, will leave the audience thinking both about nature as a whole, and the nature of time. “I just want people to get a sense of how important our past is. It really develops who we are as people, and it’s good for us to be aware of how we are changing and growing over time.”

Critics call “Slime Goes By” refreshing, a breath a fresh air – “definitely something that hasn’t been done before.” It has appeared in 17 cities across the U.S, and Milwaukee is it’s last stop before heading to Europe. “Slime Goes By” was also featured in the December issue of Art Weekly. Mordecai has received several awards for his work. 

I like my rewrite. I wasn’t sure where to go with it, so I just went along with suggestions – I tried to make it a little more formal, include comments from the artist and critics. I also tried to create some sort of deeper meaning for the exhibit – I decided to work with my title, “Slime Goes By” and create this meaning around time and our past. I feel like it worked, though I’m not sure if I executed it like my professor wanted, exactly.


Conclusively, I enjoyed this assignment. I love designing posters, and this definitely got me thinking a little differently than I have in my past designs. I’m looking forward to utilizing the idea of a grid and grouping in my future projects – I think it could really help me push my designs in interesting ways.


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