Pre-Final Edit – Improbable Exhibition

Okay, I’m really struggling with this now. My last critiques had a lot to do with making my text fit with the poster more, and I tried a couple things, but what I came up with really isn’t that great at all.


One girl suggested using the slime to help integrate the text, and I thought that sounded like a great idea, but I think it just ended up being too much. I haven’t had my one-on-one with Dr. Montoto yet (I’m writing this in class today), but what I’m personally thinking right now is something like this:

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 10.37.21 AM

This is a little messy, but here’s a sketch of what I’m thinking. I can’t decide if it would be too much to have the body text wave in a different way from the other text. I could have it wave like the other text, but I feel like it’s so small and there is so much of it that it would start to look cluttered? Something else I’m thinking it maybe to have the body text be bigger at the top and gradually get smaller until it’s at 9 pt.

Update – I just had my one-on-one with Dr. Montoto. He likes where I’m going with the wavy text. We talked about grouping it a little more, maybe making the text fit into the title, instead of being so stacked. We also talked about maybe doing less of a wave in the body text – he did like the idea of having it vary in text size though.

Well, I guess we know what I’m doing this weekend?


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