Posters, part one – Improbable Exhibition


This is the first of my two potential poster designs. At first I thought I would like this one more, because the background seemed like it would be easy to work with. However, once I began trying to place text, I found that the different shades of yellow and white really blended together, making it much more difficult that I expected.

This one also didn’t go over as well in class – I didn’t get much feedback positive or negative.


When I was developing my backgrounds, I preferred the colors in this one but thought it would be harder to work with because it’s so noisy. However, I found it easier to make the text stand out against the background, and the cement texture is also more noticeable, which is nice.

This design went over well in class, but I still got a lot of critiques. The two most major critiques had to do with the size and placement of the font – I thought that would be a problem, but I wasn’t sure what size to make it when designing the poster, which affected where I could place it – and making the slime trail more interesting.

With these critiques in mind, I began sketching out ideas for making the poster landscape instead of portrait, and making the trail into something more than just this element that comes on and goes off the page. These ideas will be explored more in my next post.


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