Poster Edit – Improbable Exhibition

After looking at our two drafts in class, we narrowed our poster down to one of the two designs, and began refining that. As stated in my last post, I began looking at the idea of a landscape layout, instead of the portrait layout I was working with previously.


I really liked the landscape layout – I felt like it gave me a lot more space to work with, and made the poster look less crowded. However, I had a hard time figuring out where to place the text, and that’s something we ended up talking about a lot in critiques today.

One girl wants to see more organic-ness within the text (she thinks the squares and font don’t fit with my more rounded, wiggly title and slime trail). I’m having some concerns with readability in that way, so we also talked about making the transparent boxes a more organic shape. We also talked about making the slime trail more interesting, and how that could help the text fit into the overall design.

My professor also reminded me of grouping, which is something else I was struggling with with this design. He suggested moving the text boxes so they line up a little more – move the logo over under the description, line up the top of the description and top of the date, etc. He also suggested looking at where “By” is located, in comparison to the rest of the title text. It’s not spaced out in the same way, and stands out to him.

I think today’s critiques were some of my most productive – my peers and professor had a lot of really great ideas, and a lot of varying ideas, so I feel like I have a lot of things I can work with in order to improve my design.


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