Text and Images – Improbable Exhibition

I really struggled with my text for this poster. I’m having a hard time finding a voice that is interesting while still being formal and informative. My current (unedited) text is:

“Much of nature’s beauty goes unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of every day life. Take a moment out of your busy day to enjoy an exhibit dedicated to an under-appreciated natural artist – the slug. In all of it’s shapes, sizes, and colors, the slug never fails to impress with its lengthy and unique trails of slime.  Artist [fake name], intrigued by the varying nature of slugs and their natural talents, decided it was time to showcase this under-appreciated gift with the world, or at least the greater Milwaukee area.

[Fake name] first became interested in slugs at a young age. He was drawing on the sidewalk outside his childhood home when he noticed the long, slimy creature, and it’s equally long trail. It’s curves and bends, the fluctuating thickness, all reminded him of the way paint looks when brushed on paper. In fact, it was this encounter with a common garden slug that made him realize his own artistic abilities.

 As [name] advanced in his career as a professional painter, he was often brought back to the day the slug showed him how the ebb and flow of his brush reflected nature, which led him to set up this exhibit. By taking multiple species of slugs, placing them on canvas, paper, large flat rocks, and other fascinating surfaces, [name] has created a gallery of natural art that will not soon be forgotten.”

In class we discussed our text, and my professor suggested utilizing artist statements and quotes, and to really focus on a deeper meaning or significance within the piece. Honestly, I haven’t rewritten the text yet because I’m really just not sure where to go with it.

In addition to this we had to prepare 15-20 found images, and then 15-20 of our own images.

5228091833_da03806640_o 420975273_e4788dba04_o OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 102517272_1aa3a7a4b4_o 23358552_2c0d7d9a12

Here are my five favorite found images. I ended up not using any of my found images, but I originally I was thinking about having a slug coming out of the top right corner of the poster, like in the fourth picture. I also really liked the shape of the slime in the third picture.


For my own images, I mostly took high-res photos of cement and sidewalk. I tried to get a variety of textures, because I wasn’t sure exactly what would work best for the poster. Here are some examples:

100_0999 100_1001 100_1002 100_1018 100_1010

I found that most of my textures, while being visually stimulating, were too noisy. In the end both of my potential posters had an edited version of the first picture as the background.


I feel like it’s also important to note that this is the first project for this class in which we’ve had to find images and present our own images in which I have NOT used any found images. Usually found images are kind of like a crutch for me – I struggle with creating or taking my own images, so I just find everything I need in the creative commons.

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