Introduction to the Improbable Exhibition Poster Project

The final project for my graphic design 1 course is called the improbable exhibition project.

Design a poster that promotes an upcoming exhibition at the Milwaukee Public Art Museum.  The subject of the exhibition should be ridiculous or unlikely – your visual interpretation of the exhibition should make the show appear legitimate, however.

Posters are one of my favorite things to design – that’s very apparent if you look at my portfolio – so I was very excited about this project. However, I was also a little worried – I enjoy designing projects, but I’d never had to come up with the subject matter for a poster (or an entire art exhibition) myself before!

We did some brainstorming during class, and my only real idea had something to do with cat memes (i.e. I can has cheezburger and grumpy cat).

Example of grumpy cat meme

Not really knowing where to go with this idea, and feeling like it would be hard to use it without just copying things from the internet, I turned to my friends to aid me in my brainstorming. Finally, after many conversations with people who didn’t seem to know what improbable meant, someone said to me:

hmm…what if someone were to somehow bait slugs to move across a medium in such a way that their trails made a pattern? That could then be the basis for their art pieces?

Something about this idea really stuck with me. It was still a little too…possible sounding, to me at least, so I dulled it down a little, took away the idea of a medium and just looked at slug trails. And that’s where I got my exhibition topic: the art of slug trails.



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