Final – Forest of Signs

Hey there!

I did not do a post specifically for the last pieces in the Forest of Signs project, because instead of doing them separately, they were done with the revisions for the others. Instead, I will be doing a post dedicated to discussing all of my final pieces.

bandaid security

In my last post I discussed the constraints of my grid – I had changed to a three part grid (similar to a trifold/brochure), but I was following it too closely. To counter that, in my edit of those two pieces I attempted to make the lines less defined. I shaped the text around the stuffed animals and softened the edge of the transparent area, and changed the bandaid compositions background to a solid skin texture, instead of having the cloth bandage texture in the center.

youth firstaid

In my two original compositions I focused on incorporating my new grid. As discussed, I cleaned up and grouped the objects in the first aid composition. This made it look much less messy. In the child/youth composition, I got rid of the stuffed animals and added silhouettes and line art of children playing. I also made the kids playing soccer in the background a little less opaque, to tone down the noise where the bandaid covered legs are.

doctor injury

My final two compositions are supposed to portray doctor and injury. The doctor composition is actually one of my favorites – I like the way the colors are kind of even throughout the piece, without being boring. I also used the pill bottle and the pills themselves to separate the different areas of the grid in a more interesting way. I used the stitches in the injury composition in a similar way, making it the focus of the middle third. I was excited to finally get to use a couple downloaded brushes in this composition, to make the blood splatter.


Overall the peer review went well – the only complaint I was given was that there was a lot of type and it was very small. Personally, I think this fits more with the medical feel of my pieces. It makes more sense to me to have larger chunks of text discussing things like how to use a bandaid or what an injury is than to have 3 or 4 words.


Actually, that was something I struggled with a lot over the course of this project. Many other students used just 3 or 4 words per composition, and laid them out within the composition, instead of using a chunk of text like I chose to. My compositions differed in a lot of ways from the rest of the class’s compositions, actually. That’s not to say that everyone’s compositions were the same, so much as I felt like they had a lot more unifying factors and similarities than mine did. It made me feel very selfย consciousย about my compositions. I went through a similar experience with the abstract compositions we did before this. I guess I’m still trying to figure out how to define my own artistic style, instead of comparing myself to everyone else. (This is especially hard when everyone else seems to have a really developed sense of their personal artistic styles).


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