Second Two Compositions – Forest of Signs

I felt much more confident going into my second two compositions. The previous class, my professor and I discussed different grid possibilities, so this time I was working with a simple three part grid – similar to a trifold. This grid felt much less constricting overall but, as a result, I stuck to it too closely.

bandaid                     security


When I originally sketched out these pieces, I had planned to do the “bandaid” one differently. But my idea didn’t execute as well as I had hoped, and I ended up laying it out almost exactly the same as the “security object” piece.

I personally really like the second piece –  “security object.” I feel like the parts interact well while still following the grid. My professor, however, disagreed. He wants to see me push the grid a little more, maybe stop trying to fill in all the spaces. One edit I’m considering, in an attempt to follow his advice, is to move the injured bear down a bit. Instead of scaling him down, I might just drag him down so he’s only shown from the arm up, leaving the space above him negative, apart from the texture of the background.

I’m not as big of a fan of the “bandaid” composition. It doesn’t look anything like what I originally had planned, and I feel like it’s far too similar to the “security object” piece. Something I originally wanted to do, to help tie the composition together, was make the large bandaid into a piece of line-art. I think the darkness of the line-art would help pull together the text and the dark bandaids on the other side of the composition. I also need to figure out how to lose the grid a little – now that I’ve found a grid that works for me, I’m over-defining it, following it too closely. I think activating more negative space will really help this composition as well.

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