Found and Own Images (Forest of Signs)

This is a two part post. The first assignment was to gather 25 of your own images, plus 5 shapes and 5 pieces of line art that could be your own or found, and the second assignment that week was to gather 25 found images.

Part One – Own Images, Shapes, & Line Art

I really struggled with finding/making my own images for this project. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with this project yet, which made making/choosing my own images really difficult. In the end, I chose a lot of images that were interesting to look at but not necessarily useful. Click here to view a gallery of these images.

lineart1          lineart2             lineart6          lineart7          lineart8

These are my 5 found images (which are also available in the above album). My favorites are the first, third, and fourth – these were the ones that went over the best with the class as well. The first one has an interesting text book feel, which I’m a big fan of, and the third and fourth have a more vintage/retro feel. Especially the nurse’s face, with the spotted coloring, almost like an old comic book.

shape2           shape3           shape5    shape7 shapes1


These are my 5 comprehensive shapes. I chose the biker and tumbling girls because those are two activities that one is likely to get injured participating in. I’m not sure I really like any of my comprehensive shapes enough to use them, however. I think I would rather use photos and line art.


Part Two – Found Images

It was much easier for me to locate found images for this project – I mainly utilized the creative commons, because I like to be sure I can use the images I find. For a full gallery of my found images, click here.

2837180607_7229790e1c_o   3128827512_b27890278f_o   3259755628_c947f551ab_o   6090976231_ef9071668a_o   ch17_37


Here are 5 of my favorite found images. I tried to avoid any actual images of gruesome wounds – I thought it would be better to leave that to the imagination. That is why I really like the x-ray image. The fourth image really captures the idea of youth and false security, because the child has bandaids all over his/her legs. The other three have the textbook/vintage feel I mentioned in my earlier line art.



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