Forest Of Signs – An Introduction

For the next few weeks, I will be posting my thoughts as I progress through the next two projects in my graphic design 1 course. The first project is called the forest of signs. My professor described it as follows:

“The Forest of Signs problem is intended to give you an opportunity to exercise and experiment with some basic principles of communication…Select a mundane, everyday object. Use images, typography and graphic elements, to create five (5) dynamic compositions that express some communicative, connotative, or interpretive aspect of that object.”

In other words, this project has a lot to do with brain association. We take an object, and pull other objects and feelings from it. The example we discussed in class was a toaster – from toaster we got heat, mornings, breakfast, electricity, technology, and so on.

The first part of this assignment was to brainstorm different starting objects. Here are my 15 beginning sketches:

sketch1-blogΒ Β  sketch2-blog

I had a lot of fun with this portion of the project, but I also struggled to think of things to associate with them. After going through them all on my own, I asked friends for their thoughts as well to make sure I didn’t miss any obvious associations and that most of my associations made sense.

Of these 15, some of my favorite starting objects were:

  • cup – I really like the aesthetic of cups, especially the tea/coffee cup.
  • bandaid – I felt like this was kind of unique, especially because the only reason I did it is because I had a bandaid on my wrist that day.
  • lips – I don’t know. I like the way lips look, and I feel like there were a lot of interesting possibilities there.




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