Explanation and Confession


Hey guys, I know I’ve posted like 5 things already tonight. I’m doing an assignment for my graphic design class, so I can get an honors credit, and my scanner wasn’t working before, so I was having a hard time getting them posted. But I really need to get them to my professor, so I now that I have my images scanned in I’m just going crazy with the posts. 

Thanks for understanding :3 


On a more personal note, I am “hanging out with friends right now.” I actually only really know Sofia. I used to know Nora, but she decided she hated me a little over a year ago so we don’t talk anymore. Being around her makes me uncomfortable. Then there’s a few other people here who I don’t even know well enough to name. 

And I am bored. I would honestly be 20 bajillion times happier sitting in my room video chatting with Sean. Is that awful? It sounds so terrible to me. I mean, I love Sean, but shouldn’t I at least kind of enjoy spending time with people in real life? 

I don’t know what to do about this problem. It really bothers me, because I only really spend time with my friends like this because I feel obligated to. My friends, specifically Sof, get unhappy with me if I’m not social somewhat regularly. So I try to go to dinners, and I try to go to DDR/movie nights. But I’m not really happy doing either of them. 

Sigh. Why is making friends so hard? 


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