A Cliche

People say all the time, especially in corny romantic comedies, that their significant other makes them whole, completes them, whatever. I always thought that was a load of crap, even being the hopeless romantic I am. I thought I was perfectly whole on my own – and maybe I was for a long time. But ever since Sean’s first visit, and maybe before that, I’ve realized that he truly does complete me. When we aren’t together there’s a nagging loneliness within me. I feel a little bit alone, even with a group of friends.

The hardest part of leaving Sean was knowing that the constant feeling of something missing was waiting for me at the end of my plane ride, and waiting for him in his apartment back in Boone.


I’m feeling a little better right now, at least. Recognizing what that sad feeling I’ve had for a few months now (at least) is makes it easier to deal with. The hardest part of today was waking up from a dream I know Sean was in, and actually being surprised at being in my bed as opposed to his apartment, his mother’s house, etc. I was sad.

I just really miss him.


But it’s time to be strong! You know why? Because I didn’t do any homework over break! And that means I have A LOT to get done over the next few days! Yay?


Peace, Love, and Productivity,


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