So this Thanksgiving I met Sean’s family. It’s been interesting, but overall really nice. I feel like they’ve really accepted me into their family – his mother has called me part of the family, his grandmother welcomed me to the family, his brother (who doesn’t really like people) even asked me about my school/job/life/hobbies. I’m really comfortable here – it’s nice.


The only awkward part is how many times Sean’s ex has come up during my visit. I understand that she’s the only other serious girlfriend he’s had, and she existed for a long time, but it just makes me uncomfortable when she’s brought up, y’know? Besides not liking her, and not wanting to deal with her, I don’t want Sean’s family to compare me to her. Even though they’re not saying actual solid good or bad things, either way – like, Sean’s mother said to me last night that she’s glad he’s done with that girl. And I guess earlier he and his dad and brother were comparing our appetites – I eat a lot and she never really ate much, I guess.


(On a side note, I think that’s a heavier person thing. Heavy people and self conscious people eat less because it makes them feel less judged for being the size/shape they are. I find that fascinating, because I just like food. xD )


Anyway – what it comes down to is I don’t want to be compared – I don’t want things to forever be Jacquelynn and Jessica. I want to be Jacquelynn, and be me, and be with Sean, and just. Words. I want them to like me, okay? XD I give up.


I’m glad they seem to like me though. I plan on being with Sean for a very very long time (my whole life, if I’m lucky enough), so his family is very important.

I’m going to go eat some pie and game now. Sean wants me to blog between matches but I just don’t think I can do that. I’ll post more soon, I promise.

Peace, Love, and Family,



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