Sometimes I’m A Bad Blogger (And Here Are Some Excuses For Why)

So, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted. I was thinking about that last night. Sean and I have been watching day[9] together recently and he does a lot of awesome videos and stuff and I just want to be that awesome and that led in my brain to how I don’t blog enough (and if I can’t write something regularly how could I ever hope to make awesome videos?)


I would like to explain though – I think I have a pretty valid reason for my prolonged silence. 


1. I’ve been ill. Not just a simple cold, either. We learned recently that I have gallstones, but up until we learned that I was dealing with the stress and panic of not knowing what was wrong.

2. College is drowning me. This semester has been full of long term projects wit distant deadlines and those stress me out.

3. Work. If I don’t get a few hours in a week, I think my parents will kill me.


Those are my excuses. I’m going to try to be better though. Starting with: in less than a week I’ll be down in NC with Sean! 

It feels so surreal. My brain can’t wrap itself around the idea that I will actually be physically within reach of my boyfriend again. Really, I don’t think I’ll believe it until I’m on the plane on Saturday. (Oh God, I’m flying. That scares me a lot. I’ve never flown before but I’ve heard it compared to roller coasters a lot, and I don’t like roller coasters).


I’m in class now,but I’ll write more soon. 


Peace, Love, and Not-Drowning,



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