Authentic (Real)


When one of my friends told me I was authentic, I was like “what? what does that even mean?”

They went on to explain that it means I’m real. From the day we met, 5 years ago, I have always been Jax.

I’m glad they feel that way.

But when I think authentic, I think of the stickers they put on toys and collectible – Made in BlahBlahBlah – or One of A Kind Collectible BlahBlahBlah. And that’s where I chose to take this picture – I gave myself a sticker via prismacolor, and set to work.

I like the angle for this photo because it’s so unique – I actually sat my camera on the floor, set a timer, and jumped up onto my lofted bed to wait. It was a little tricky. The lighting came out well too – the words look slightly worn on my foot. But I like the worn look, even though it wasn’t intentional, because people are worn. Like toys, our “made in” stickers rub off. They fade. I almost want to say we become less authentic as we get older, too, a lot of the time. When we’re kids we’re just us, we don’t pretend to be something we’re not, but as we get older fear of judgement changes that, y’know?


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