This photo is a little more personal. I had almost given up on using anxious/easily stressed/over-worrier because I could not think of a way to convey it visually. And then this occurred to me. See, this is exactly what worries do to me – they creep up on me while I’m doing something else, when I’m least expecting it. And then they’re everywhere, and they won’t go away. I felt the hands were the best place to show this at, because your hands are one part of your body that you see almost constantly. Almost everything you do requires your hands, and they’re almost always in your line of vision.

The words I chose are real worries for me right now, which is what makes this most personal. The hands are at a computer because that’s a casual act – something people do pretty often. The subject could be writing an email, checking facebook, so on.

I really love the shadowing in this picture, from the computer’s light. I feel like that just adds to the idea of worry, because worry rolls over you like a shadow.

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