To me, to be naive is to be too trusting of others. I consider myself to be naive because I want every person I meet to be good and kind, and I tend to overlook peoples’ flaws if I see something really good inside of them, even if it’s a very small amount of good.

To be naive is to see with your heart, not with your eyes or your head. This photo showsΒ naivety because her eyes are covered, which suggests some form of blindness. The words, “I believe you” emphasize her blindness, her willingness to trust.Β Β I chose to grayscale the photo partially because it helped the words stand out better, and partially because a lot of times when I think of trust, I think of the saying “life isn’t always black and white” – when it comes to trust and truth there are many shades of grey.

The lighting in this photo was from above, and the picture was taken straight on because that’s a raw angle – I feel like there’s no hiding at that angle. And you can’t really hide when you’re naive – it’s something very obvious to others (especially to untrustworthy people).


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