Quick Blog Post, Because I Really Should

I’m exhausted. I should not be online right now, much less writing a blog. But at the same time, I managed all day on only 8 hours of sleep, so I should be good. And while I’m thinking of it *sets alarm real quick*


So, I’m back at college now. I love it here. I cried when my parents left (I’m starting to think that will never stop. I just miss my daddy is all.) but then I spent a lot of time with my friends and roommate and found the floor to my room (for the most part. My desk is still a disaster). I’m happy here.


Today was pretty awesome. We had the organization fair tonight – that’s where organizations set up booths and convince people to be part of their group. It’s great because I’m the editor of Centrique this year, so I had to go (which had it’s ups and downs). So I gave this big shpeel about how we’re a creative arts magazine, and we judge people’s writing and art, and give away prizes, and it’s really great and you should join! And SO MANY PEOPLE SIGNED UP!

Taylor-Ann, my assistant editor who has been doing this for three years, says we usually only get about 5 people to sign up. Tonight we filled up 2 pages.

I feel very successful 🙂


Otherwise there isn’t much happening. My stomach is sore. I haven’t mentioned on here yet, because there hasn’t really been a need (or time) since, but I went to the doctor again a few days ago. My tummy is still hurting. My lymph nodes might just be swollen, but to be safe my doctor is having me get another cat scan in a few weeks.

I’m not excited. I get a tiny bit panicky every time my stomach starts to hurt. I know it’s probably just the mono, but lymph nodes are serious business.

I just want to be healthy and not sore. I have things to do and dreams to achieve and whatnot.


But now, it’s bedtime. I’m so tired. Ugh. Exhausted.


You guys should comment things 🙂 Whatever you want. Ask questions, say things, post links, anything. I just want interactions! You could even email me if you wanted – jglass4@hotmail.com.


Peace, love, and success,



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