Sick & Stuff

Hey all.

My blog has been quiet for too long, and I’m so sorry for that. I can’t promise it will be better right away though.

See, early this August I started feeling really sick. I missed work on the 3rd, then again on the following Monday. Went to the doctor, got some blood work done, and they said “you have appendicitis go to the ER!” so I did. I was freaking out. And thirsty, they made me stop drinking water.

They did a CT scan, found all my organs to be a-okay, but all my lymph nodes were swollen. The nurse practitioner started talking about more tests, admitting me to the hospital, oncology, etc. It was a little scary. We were all freaking out.

We decided not to admit me, went to my doctor in the morning, did a little more blood work, and found out I had mono! Which is good news because it’s not lymphoma and you get over mono eventually. But it’s bad news because I sleep so much now and I’m still just tired. All the time.

So I missed two weeks of work, and now I’m working a few hours a day. And I’m tired. I had to resign from my job as an orientation leader because there’s no way I could do that right now. It would probably kill me. I’m trying to take it easy, because if you don’t take it easy when you have mono you can get WAY worse.

I went and got a check up today, my doctor said I had a pretty severe case, based on my mono test and blood work. But so long as I don’t over do it, I should be okay to go back to school and stuff.

So, that’s why I haven’t blogged. Because I barely touched my computer for two weeks, because even typing was/is exhausting sometimes.


In other, personal, news, those two weeks didn’t do Sean and I any favors, I don’t think. We didn’t really talk much, because I was busy being tired and sick and he was working and stuff. Near the end of the two weeks I started feeling very distant from him – I think he felt it too. So we’re trying to talk more now – we’ve skyped every night for…3 or 4 nights now, I think. But we keep disagreeing and arguing and upsetting each other, and it’s kind of awful. I mean, I know we’re going to disagree sometimes, but it’s at this point right now where it’s emotionally exhausting, y’know?

It just makes me sad. I wish I knew how to make it better. I always look forward to talking to Sean, butΒ the talks haven’t been ending well at all. And it’s almost like the longer we talk the worse it gets. And I love him, but all this arguing worries me.


So, that pretty much covers it, I think. That’s the current life and times of Jax. Who is very tired and not wanting to be at work anymore.


Peace, Love, and Rest,



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