My mother and f…

My mother and father got in an argument thing via text today.

It’s stressful because my mother reads into everything my dad says, and then texts me and says “your dad thinks this and this” but I’m right here listening to what he’s texting, reading over his shoulder, and that’s NOT what he said. So I have to tell her I don’t think that’s what he meant, but I want to be nice about it because my mom doesn’t need more people opposing her, really. 

But she just kind of quit talking to me.

She ended a text with “I don’t want to talk” and I said “To dad, or to people in general?” and she never replied.


Which made me a little sad because, y’know, you’re my mom and I don’t think you should just stop talking to me. I understand dad is hurting you and you don’t want to talk to him, but still. 





2 thoughts on “My mother and f…

  1. you’re her daughter, not somebody she should confide in. you shouldn’t be forced to pick a side like that, and she shouldnt be feeding you stuff that would make you pick a side. it’s your parents issues, and you don’t need to be dragged into it. I had to yell (I mean like scream) at my mom for her to finally get her to stop telling me trash about my dad “yesterday he said this an blah blah blah hes an ass” it took literal tears because I just put it off for so long to tell her to stop. say something before you’re really dragged into it ❤

    • I don’t want to do that to my mom. She doesn’t have a lot of friends to talk to, and she usually doesn’t really trash-talk dad so much as tell me how she feels about the entire conversation. It’s just hard because it’s ALL she talks about.

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