I can’t believe life is so complex, when I just want to sit here and watch you undress

To do tonight:

  • Convert Word Docs for Elance Profile
  • Watermarks for images (elance profile)
  • Write blog (hopefully remember what I wanted to talk about) (I think it had something to do with ignorance.) (Oh yes. I want to cure people like my grampa of their ignorance) (also talk about Sean, and parentals, and such)
  • Talk and supernatural with boyfriend


I’m being optimistic about my time tonight. I’m eating dinner at moms, but I have my laptop so after dinner I could work on some non-internet things, like my file conversions. I should also update my computer soon. I think that’s why it’s so slow right now – it’s running on a bunch of unupdated programs xD

That’s also why Corel Paint keeps failing on me.

Back to work now!

Peace, Love, and Cookies,



P.S. Here, have a fantastic playlist – it’s Jack’s Mannequin’s album “Everything in Transit” – it’s my music choice of the day. I also tag them semi-regularly on twitter now. I just want them to notice me. So bad. (I have fan-girl problems sometimes).

P.P.S I should probably let you know my blog’s title is from a song by PJ Harvey. I think. I only listened to the first 20 seconds because the song made me sad. I just like that line. The song doesn’t do it justice.


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