The Luckiest Girl In the Whole Wide World

Hi guys!!

I’m such a happy Jax right now. But that will come later, I have things to talk about.


Firstly, I decided not to make a new blog. If I were going to be posting extensive details about my new writing project, it would be one thing, but I like to keep things like that kind of private at first. Decision, made.


Secondly, Sean went home for the weekend to see a show a friend of his was in. Super cool right? I was happy for him.

Well, he ran into one of his old teachers while he was there. And she hit on him.

Not so cool.

I mean, come on lady, you’re probably about 43 years old, he told you he had a girlfriend. That’s, like, the universal sign for BACK OFF.

But she didn’t. Instead, she touched his chest, and his face, and she ended the conversation with something along the lines of “if you ever reach an age where it’s okay to date your old teacher, give me a call.”


Mom says it was probably because Sean was wearing the shirt I helped him pick out. He just looked so darn attractive.


Thirdly, I’m planning an awesome surprise for my mom’s birthday πŸ™‚ I called her boss to get her the day off, and we’re going to go to a spa. It’s going to be fantasticccc. And since our appointment is in the afternoon, I plan on making a day of it – we’re going to head into Ann Arbor in the morning and do a little shopping, grab some lunch, and then head to the spa.

Plus, my darling boyfriend has chosen to chip in. I told him he didn’t need to, but he feels like as my boyfriend he should. Because my mother is important. How in the world did I get this lucky? I really don’t know. But I’m so grateful.


Now I’m going to go art πŸ™‚ Because I can!


Peace, Love, and Surprises,



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