On Writing, Research, & Multiple Blogs

I know quite a few people who have multiple blogs. One for personal thoughts, and one for writing. Or one for this, and one for that. And as I enter the research portion of my writing process, I consider doing the same thing. Because, as I research new countries, I think it may be interesting to use a blog as a means of

  • keeping track of my findings
  • enlightening people about other countries

But at the same time, don’t I have this blog to do that? I want to englighten people with this blog, I use this blog to keep my thoughts straight.

So why make a second one?


I just don’t know. What would you do?

If you already have two separate blogs, is there a reason for it?


Peace, Love, and Research,


2 thoughts on “On Writing, Research, & Multiple Blogs

  1. I stumbled into having 2 blogs… and I started them nearly 2 years apart.

    After I graduated from college, my dog of 9 years was diagnosed with cancer. She needed an amputation to ‘cure’ her of the tumor and I had no idea what life would be like for aging three legged dog. Which brought me to tripawds.com. It is an online community for supporting owners going through exactly that, amputation. I started blogging as a way to deal with the cancer diagnosis, track her progress, etc… And so I became slightly obsessed with blogging about my dog!

    Fast forward 2 years, almost done with grad school and I am looking to run my first marathon (starting with a few half marathons right now) and decided to create a blog about me! I am using it to track my progress with my thesis and running (and kind of everything in between!)

    Hopefully I dont find a reason to start a third….

    • I had a reply typed out and wordpress ate it -.-

      Anyway, I feel like if I ever got into serious writing (got published, for instance) I might be more open to having a writing blog. And I completely understand writing a blog with a purpose, such as your dog-related blog and marathon blog, because I write my blog to help me connect to other people. 🙂

      Thanks so much for sharing your story and blogs 🙂

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