On Writing

Written in my notebook about 10 minutes ago. I’d put this in handwriting if I could.


This (cute) boy I know keeps telling me I should write. So I am. It’s my lunch break now…I spent the first 30 minutes of it on the phone with Sean, while eating. It was nice. I usually spend lunch with Jordan…well, not USUALLY so much as sometimes. I’d like for it to be more often, but his job can be demanding, and sometimes it rains.

This isn’t the kind of crap I want to write. I don’t want to journal about my day or life, that’s what I have a blog for. I want to write something I (and others) can get lost in.

I need to get off my ass and back to my peace corp idea. I loved that one more than anything I’ve thought of in a long time. I want to let it engulf and envelop me.


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