If my heart was a compass, you’d be north. If my heart was a house, you’d be home.

I pre-wrote this at work today. That’s why it doesn’t make sense with the time I’m posting it.



It’s weird because sometimes it hits me just how happy I am, as far as relationships go. Even as my family life crumbles about me, if anything is keeping me going right now it’s my relationship with Sean.

I mean, here I am, sitting at work jamming to Owl City, and I think of Sean, and my heart swells. I get butterflies. Because everything about our relationship is just perfect, and I don’t even have to talk to or see him to get butterflies because of him.


Even when I think of our distance, and miss being near him, I’m happy simply because I have him, and I’ll see him again in time, be it on skype or in real life.


It amazes me to think someone could make me so happy for as long as he has. I mean, months now. Years even, if you disregard the (occasionally fuzzy) line between friendship and relationship. And we fight sometimes – we fought a lot last summer – but compared to the love we share out differences are nothing. And, really, as we tackle them together we just grow stronger.


This all sounds so corny, but honestly, as I watch my parent’s relationship fluctuate, I reflect on mine more than ever. I look at the things Sean and I share, the things we don’t, and think about how those could effect the future.

And, at the end of the day, I couldn’t imagine feeling any other way.



I’m so ridiculously in love, I can’t even believe this is real life.


Peace, Love, and so much happiness,



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