Celebrities And Twitter

Am I the only one that feels like twitter gives fans a new image and connection to celebrities?

Along with a slew of adult actors, and musicians, I indulge my childish side by following popular nickelodeon stars that I love and/or admire, such as Jennette McCurdy, Elizabeth Gillies, Abby Wilde, Erin Sanders, Victoria Justice, and Drake Bell. I think it’s fun to see these “child stars” (teen stars?) grow up, and explore their talent. For example, I like hearing about Abby Wilde’s (weird q-tip girl from Zoey 101 and crazy fan in iCarly) theater adventures, and how Erin Sanders (Quinn from Zoey 101 and Camille in Big Time Rush) does yoga. I think seeing actors and actresses being human is just as entertaining as watching them act.


However, this comes with a downside.

When an actor or actress doesn’t live up to your expectations.

And that’s what this blog post is about.


Now, it could just be me and my high hopes for humanity, but I always thought Drake Bell seemed like a pretty cool dude. He was musically gifted, pretty good at acting, and not bad looking. I’d read some interviews, watched some shows, and come to the conclusion that he was a pretty cool dude.

Well, then I followed him on Twitter. And now he’s one of my least favorite people.

I hate watching him tweet. He says mean things about other actors/actresses, such as Katy Perry and Justin Bieber, puts people down, and then claims he’s been hacked. And the first time, it seemed believable. But this has been going on for a solid month now, bro, change your password or own up to your mean-ness.


He deletes most of the tweets after he gets everyone riled up, so getting a good screenshot is more or less impossible, bit his last few tweets give a small idea of what I mean:



I don’t even know what he had said about Bieber earlier, it was gone so fast, but he kept retweeting all the responses from “Beliebers,” many of which were mean.

It could just be me, but I think this fan war thing if ridiculous. It’s immature and mean of him – even if he doesn’t like Bieber, there’s no need for nasty tweets AND snarky replies to the people who defend him.

And, of course, he ignores my tweets, because he only responds to the tweets that keep the fight going.


I’ve just lost a lot of respect for Drake Bell through the past month – his music may be full of love, but his twitter isn’t.


What it all comes down to is Drake Bell wants attention, whether it’s good or bad. He seems to think pretty highly of himself, comparing himself to the Beatles all the time. It’s just too bad because he’s so talented, and his interviews make him sound so nice. I expected better when I followed him on twitter.


What do you think?


Peace, Love, and Birds,


3 thoughts on “Celebrities And Twitter

  1. I actually agree with this! I actually stopped following Drake Bell a while ago. I could not stand his tweets.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! It’s just sad to see, because at one point he seemed like such a good role model, and now he’s thrown that away out of what appears to be jealousy.

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