This is hopefully going to be a tiny blog post. 

This progress has absolutely nothing to do with the bad things in my life (parents, etc).

It does, however, have to do with someone who is being put in the past.


Today Sean and I talked quite a bit about his ex. I can’t remember how she came up exactly (I’m too lazy to go look back through the conversation – there was a lot of talking today), but it was one of the first times that we’ve been able to talk about her/their relationship/etc without one of us being upset, angry, or just kind of mean.

Why is this progress?

Because it means we (both of us, because after all the nasty things she said to me, I need to as well) are moving past her.


I feel like this has actually been coming since his visit. That week involved a lot of moving forward on both parts – I quit texting Travis, Sean deleted Jessica from facebook, cleared out the folder he had made for her (he’s organized like that – there’s a Jacquelynn folder as well). And since then, talking about her and his past with her has gotten easier. I’m not worried about her running in and stealing him away (again, even though she never did so intentionally before) anymore, because I can feel that she is entirely in the past. 


However. I still don’t like her. >.> 

I’m not usually big on grudge-holding,

but that girl called Sean crying after attacking me,

and somehow I ended up apologizing for hurting her feelings,

but she never apologized for being absolutely awful to me,

and attacking me to begin with.


This is relevant because, even though I can talk about her and their past and hear stories without saying mean things about her as a person, when I saw the trent #mentionahoe on my twitter I thought of her. 

My most recent tweet: “I would #mentionahoe but she’d probably tell her mom on me.” 

(because every encounter either of us has had with Jessica in the past couple months has ended in a text from Mrs. Jessica’s Mother).


This probably all sounds ridiculous, right? Why am I hung up on my boyfriend’s ex? I mean, he’s MINE now, right?

But, if you remember our past, and the times Sean, for all practical purposes, left me because he still loved her, you’ll understand my concerns. That, added to the way she texted him telling him there’s no point in he and I dating because of distance and other reasons, and attacking me, and just generally being haughty and rude, gave me a lot of worries when it came to her. 

Luckily, those are all behind us! 


Now it’s time to watch a movie with my mom. 

Peace, Love, and Forward-Thinking,



P.S. I have the best boyfriend. He left me a message on almost every medium possible this morning, just to tell me he loves me and encourage me to stay strong. ❤

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