I’m Real Angry Because I Wrote This Once Already and WordPress Ate It

So, when Sean and I went to the zoo, we saw this guy while waiting for our bus back from Wild Africa. He was wearing trip pants with chains, fingerless gloves, sunglasses, and I think his hair was slicked back, or something like that. He looked like a character. He also looked kind of like the trickster from Supernatural.

Anyway, Sean and I spent a long time talking about him before getting on this bus. When we chose our seats, we purposely sat in front of him to see if he was as much of a character as he appeared to be.

He was.

I can’t remember everything he said. I just remember two things. Firstly, he explained that the shuttle was painted to look like a zebra so wild animals wouldn’t attack us. Second, his girlfriend misspoke or something and his said to her “I don’t think I can ever trust you again!”

So tonight IΒ inadvertently told Sean a not-truth (it wasn’t a lie. it was just a misspeak) and he said “I don’t think I can ever trust you again! Except I can’t say that without feeling like I should be wearing chains and fingerless gloves.”

And we laughed and laughed.

I love that we have memories of people like that, that we can share and make jokes about.

I’m also super grateful for Sean’s mother right now. He told her about my family tonight, and she told him that if I needed to talk she was there for me. And that was just so nice to hear, especially because she doesn’t actually know me that well. I haven’t met her in person yet, I haven’t spoken to her outside of facebook and text, and the fact that she’s offered to be there for me like that even though she doesn’t have to means so much to me. I feel so much better knowing people are there for me.

On the same note, I feel like a bad friend. I’m having a hard time being there for my friends, or even talking to them. I need people to be there for me right now, there’s a lot going on in my life, and when I message most of my friends about what’s going on I get the general “oh, i’m sorry, are you okay? also [everything about their lives]” and then I feel obligated to stop talking about my own problems to listen to them talk about how their power was out, and they have a lot of chores to do, and so on. So instead of going through that, I just…don’t talk to people. Is that awful?

Any way, I’m all curled up in bed in my boyfriend’s t-shirt, and it’s time to watch an episode of supernatural with him and then sleep.

Peace, Love, and Jokes,



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