I seriously have the best boyfriend

This isn’t a cliched, my boyfriend is so great because he does all this stuff, blah blah etc post. This a serious, from the bottom of my heart fact.


My parents have been going through rough times again, and that always stresses me out. Added to that, my mother and I got in a fight a couple nights ago, and she may or may not still be angry.

Adding this to my already edgey disposition I’ve developed recently, you get a very grumpy Jax.

And Sean puts up with that. He doesn’t get angry or upset when I snap, or say something snarky. Instead of holding it against me, he lets it pass, or makes a joke out of it, because he knows I’m not in the best place emotionally right now.


He is also probably the best listener ever. He lets me fill his inbox with 5 page texts all about my feelings, how my family is doing, every complaint I could ever have, all of my irrational worries or concerns.

And then he responds.

And not just with a simple “okay” or “i’m sorry,” like most people. No, Sean responds with thought out reassurances, possibilities I hadn’t thought of, and more care and kindness than anyone I know.


Sean never changes the subject, not even halfway (not even to tell me his power is out, like some people did) until I’ve signified that I’m ready for that.


I just feel so lucky to have someone who cares about me so much and is so willing to be there for me regardless of what is happening in his life. Even before we were dating, when he was my superest duperest bestest friend (SDBF), he was always there for me. During one of my parental scares, a friend he sees very rarely was visiting, and he left his friend alone to skype with me because I needed him.


I love him.


Peace, love, and kindness,



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