Sean’s Visit – Day 4 through Day 8

Yeah, so my post a day thing clearly didn’t work out. Sorry guys! Things just got so busy, and I’ve been sooooo tired. So instead of blogging I went to bed earlier.


Let’s see, I think I stopped on Wednesday? *checks* Oh, nope! I didn’t do Tuesday either.


Tuesday –

On Tuesday Sean and I relaxed. We ate lunch with Jordan, went out for dinner, and saw Prometheus (which, by the way, was a weird movie. It wasn’t bad, but it was pretty visual and just weird).

It was a simple day. I also stayed with him that night, because the next morning we were leaving early, so instead of me getting up, driving to get him, driving back to my house, and then driving to where we were going, we left right from his hotel.

I also think this was the day Sean told me he was pretty sure he loved me.


Wednesday –

On Wednesday, Sean and I went to Michigan Adventure and whatever their water park is called. It was super fun 🙂 I looooove water parks. I’m not a big fan of roller coasters – they make me feel icky – but I do love water parks.

Originally, the plan was to go on all the dry rides first, then eat lunch, then get changed and do the water park. But that didn’t really work out. Why? Because I have bad judgement. I was like “oh, let’s go on that ride! It’s in the water, but you don’t get wet!”


You get wet.

In fact, we got VERY wet. Soaked.

Bad plan, Jax, bad plan.

It was a really good time though.


My favorite part was when we went down a black closed up slide (so it was real dark in there!) and Sean was getting into the tube behind me when the lady pushed us down the slide. The entire way down he was screaming and yelling “oh my god, I can’t see, what’s happening? I wasn’t ready! I can’t see!” and by the bottom I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. (Come on, baby, it was pitch black in there, I couldn’t see either).


The drive home that night was the WORST though. My car doesn’t have air conditioning, so it was pretty hot in there. Plus it was a 3 and a half hour drive, and dark for at least 2 hours of it. I was exhausted. The most exciting thing was seeing Hillsdale and realizing how close I was to not having to drive anymore.


Thursday –

We made the worst decision on Thursday. We were like “it’s the hottest day, let’s drive an hour and a half to Lansing and shop because stores are cool. Then we’ll see a movie and make it home in time for dinner with the family!”

The worst decision.

It was SO hot in my car. Plus we were both sunburnt – I actually had a trucker burn/tan from the day before. (I still have it).

See? Super sunburnt.

By the time we got to Lansing we were miserable. We did get Sean 4 very nice shirts though, and then we saw Seeking a Friend for The End of The World. Which was MAGNIFICENT. I highly recommend everyone go see it immediately. But take tissues, it’s a tear-jerker. It was so good though, I’d watch it again in a heartbeat.


Then we came home and ate dinner with my family, played some cards with my brother. It was chill.


Friday –

Friday was good but sad. It was Sean’s last day 😦

We slept in real late that day, then went grocery shopping so we could make dinner for my family. Then we went home and made a super tasty pie! It was berries & cream and yummmmm.

It looked almost just like this!

For dinner we made chicken stuffed with spinach, onion, and mozzarella cheese, with parmesan cheese and bread crumbs on top, and creamy chicken risotto. It took longer than we expected to cook, but the chicken was AMAZING.  I want it again already. It was just so good.


Then we went to swing club! Sean was super nervous about dancing, and I don’t have any pictures (sadly) but I did get him to start learning. He doesn’t like a lot of people though, and I was really worried that he wasn’t enjoying himself (I felt bad because I was afraid he really didn’t like it and was only doing it for me). He did really well though! I was impressed, as were a lot of the others who have been dancing longer than I have. If he found a place to practice regularly, he’d be a pro in no time.


All in all, it was a good night.



Saturday morning, we finished packing up his room, watched an episode of supernatural, and drove to the airport. There was a small, slightly tearful goodbye (I cried. I didn’t mean to, but I was saying goodbye to a boy that I love very much, and being with him felt so right, the last thing I wanted was to let that go). Sean told me to be strong, we kissed, and that was it.


Our awesomest week ever was done 😦


But it’s chill because I loff him and because we’ve been watching movies and talking just like always. We’re real good at long distance 🙂


Peace, Love, and Hugs,


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