Hokay, So…

Hi there. I know I missed blogging yesterday. And I’m missing today too, as far as things with Sean’s visit goes. But I didn’t want to leave you empty…empty posted? I don’t know. I’m tired. I didn’t want to leave you lovely people with nothing to read! So here’s some stuff that has been happening:


Sean and I just finished Melancholia. It was fantastic. It’s on Netflix. Go watch it.


A friend and I are arguing because she doesn’t understand that completely excluding someone from a planned event is unfair, even if someone else is paying. If 5 people are going, and the left out person is a mutual friend to almost all of them, that person should at least be made aware of the plan in some way. At least, that’s what I think. It actually is a bit more complicated than that, but what it comes down to is I hate being here because I’m tired of my friends excluding me from every plan they make together, when I make sure to invite them to everything.


Sean and I started talking to an old-ish friend today. It’s actually the boy who introduced us to each other. It was a heavy conversation night all around – see, this boy and Sean’s ex have a…past…and it is what originally caused the loss of that friendship. Well, things were reconciled tonight, and Sean and I have both regained a friend 🙂 

On a related note, Sean texted his ex to question said past, and then her mother texted him to tell him to leave her alone. Which really irritates me because a few weeks ago she texted him to tell me to leave her alone. And, well, the way I see it it’s none of her mother’s business, and adults shouldn’t try parenting or controlling other peoples’ children anyway. 


Yeah. These past few days have been crazy.

Oh, Maggiey and I hung out today too, that was nice 🙂 I love that girl. 

That’s all. I’m really tired. It’s bedtime. 


Peace, Love, and Hamsters,


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