Why Would A Zoo Have a Fake Owl? (Sean’s Visit – Day 3)

On Monday last week, Sean and I went to the zoo. Why? Because I wanted to learn what a giraffe sounded like.

It was a pretty fun day over all. We drove about an hour and a half, and Sean nerded out SO hard on the way there. We passed a sign that said “Battle Creek” and he said “Oh my God Battle Creek” and I said “yeah, that’s where we’re going.” And he launched into this huge story about rooster teeth (some nerd show thing) and how they talked about Battle Creek, Michigan one time and he was so excited because he might be close to there. It was the cutest thing.

Rooster Teeth Logo, for added effect?

Anyway, we got to the zoo, went in, and walked around. There was a HUGE snake which was exciting because it moved while we were looking at it! Like, a lot! I’ve never seen a boa constrictor move quite so much. Most of the animals were pretty chill. We got to the part called the “swamp walk” and took it. Sadly, it was a waste of time. We didn’t see any animals during it. We thought we saw an owl, and were all excited (because, y’know, I love owls) but then it ended up being fake. WHY WOULD A ZOO HAVE A FAKE OWL?!

And then something happened, and I told Sean if he didn’t do something I wouldn’t love him any more. Then realized I said the “L word” and turned real red and didn’t look at him for like 10 minutes. It’s way harder to hide from somebody in real life.

We took the train to Wild Africa after lunch, so we could find the giraffes! They didn’t make much noise, but they sure were hungry!

Om nom nom!

Ummm, let’s see. After that we went home and ate dinner with the family. And then, I think Monday night was the night we rented The Vow – which was an okay movie. Not super duper fantastic, but not awful. There were also back rubs that night – I’ll have you know, my boyfriend is an excellent back rubber.

That was Monday 🙂

As for this Monday, I just have one thing I’d like to talk about:

This is a map circulating my facebook community right now. My friends keep posting and sharing it.

And I hate it.

Seriously, my inner nerd cringes every time I see it.


Because it doesn’t even make sense. Each of these things exist on a separate plane. I mean, Hogwarts (isn’t a country, for starters) is supposed to exist in our world, right? But you have to fucking fly to get to Neverland. FLY. Separate plane. I don’t know how Middle Earth works exactly, but I’m pretty sure it’s quite complex and does not exist within our world. Narnia is practically a separate realm. Ba Sing Se (and all other Avatar related things) are an alternate universe type situation. Gotham City is supposed to be in the U.S. Not it’s own little island.

Pretty much when I saw this map I cringed, and my inner nerd threw up a little.


Peace, Love, and Nerd-Stuff,



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