It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Soon

I still can’t figure out what to write. There are so many things to talk about. I’m just going to start with last Saturday, because I’ve been replaying it in my head for hours.


The van pulls into the driveway. I run through the house, my breaths shallow and nervous. I can’t believe he’s actually here. Oh my god oh my god oh my god. My parents step out of the van first, as I slowly make my way across the front porch. I see his silhouette sitting in the back seat, and press my face against the window to get a better look. It’s him. Right there, waiting. I hug both my parents, because they’ve been away for a week and that’s what you do when your family gets home from vacation. When I turn around from hugging my mom, Sean is standing awkwardly near the back of the van, looking nervous and out of place. All the worries and over-thinking I’ve done in preparation for this moment vanish as I leap into this arms, throwing mine around his neck. He catches me and we hold each other like this, breathing deeply.Ā 


That is a play-by-play of the first few moments of Sean’s visit. Just like that. Then I led him through our house. I showed him every room he’s seen via webcam already, holding his hand, partially to show him the way and partially because I just wanted to. At one point, I turned around so we could go back the other way, and he was right behind me. Our faces were nose-touchingly close, our eyes met, and I felt a massive bunch of butterflies in my tummy.

After things settle down, we go downstairs to relax in my room. We fall into a cuddle position naturally. We take some pictures, talk and laugh. He gives me a small, golden box. Inside is a small, glass owl. This is when we kiss. I tilt my head up to thank him, our faces are so close together. I think we could both feel it coming – it was like a movie (which is ridiculous because how often are first kisses like the ones in movies, right?) – everything was really slow and then our lips were touching. And our eyes met again (that happens a lot in this story) and we both just smiled.

Later, he gives me another owl – this one is a keychain that lights up and makes really obnoxious noises. But I love it. We play around a bit, as I continually flash the annoying owl light in his face. There is more snuggling. I think by this point we are watching Supernatural together, and pointing out quite a few times to each other that we are. Together. In real life. At some point he pulls one more owl out of his pocket – this one is blue glass and absolutely gorgeous. He hands it to me and, smiling, asks me to be his girlfriend. I say yes, and make a joke about how he didn’t need to give me all these owls first. He tells me he was buttering me up.


That is the basis of our Saturday. Supernatural, snuggling, and a little kissing. It was perfect. We came together so easily it was as if we’d been together our entire life.


I know I already posted about this. But I’m just not ready to move past it yet, so here’s another. I can’t explain to you how happy I am. I just am. It’s fantastic. There will be more tomorrow. Right now, I am sleepy.


Peace, Love, and Airplanes,


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