Today was monumental

Sean is here now. Well, he’s at his hotel. But tonight was amazing. Oh my goodness.



One of the most interesting things though, is that Sean and I both anticipated a physical barrier. Y’know, an awkward first hug, an awkward first kiss, etc. I mean, we’ve known each other only through skype and phone calls for years now. 

But there wasn’t a barrier at all. Everything came so naturally. I saw him, I leapt into his arms without a thought. Why? Because I felt it inside of me. A few seconds later, we were holding hands as I showed him my house. And later we cuddled and watched, like, three episodes of Supernatural together. And it all felt so normal, like seeing someone you see every day. 

To me, this is an amazing thing. I’m so bad with new people, even new people I’ve talked to a lot. People I meet on the internet then meet in real life? I’m usually nervous and shy and twitchy and quiet and awkward. But with Sean, it was just easy. 

Like it was just supposed to be this way.


I’m eager to see where the next week will take us. I’m also hoping my parents get to know him better – so far so good. I want them to like him, so so much. He means so much to me and I just want to share that with them without the discomfort of them being against us. 


Peace, Love, and Hugs,





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