Today is monumental

I can’t quite word how I’m feeling right now. 

It’s a mixture of nervous, excited, shocked, and hungry. 

My tummy feels weird.


Sean just landed in Chicago. In 2 hours he’ll be in Michigan, and in 5-6 hours he’ll be here, at my house, with me. 

It’s just amazing. And terrifying. 

He’s riding with my parents home. And that’s exciting, because I so badly want them to get to know him, because he’s really important to me. But it’s terrifying because what if they don’t like him? They tend to have problems with the people most important to me. But Sean is different from most of my close friends that my parents know – Sean is respectful, and smart, and he has a lot going for him. 

So hopefully they’ll see that. 


I just can’t believe I’m going to be able to hug him. And touch him. AND SMELL HIM. 

It’s crazy. 


I have more cleaning to do. Everything needs to be perfect when he gets here. 


Peace, Love, and Nerves



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