You know it’s a bad dream when…

You wake up, grab something weapon-like (in my case a hammer) and head upstairs to check every room in the house.


I had a nightmare. Not just a scary nightmare, but a scary and semi-realistic nightmare.


In this nightmare, my brother and I were chilling in the living room chatting. It was about 10 pm. When the front door opened and this man walked in. This very creepy man that I recognized from earlier, or a different dream, or something. Either way, he walks through our front door and straight into our house, wanting to talk with me about the chores I’m supposed to come do for him tomorrow. He’d like me to bring a movie to watch while we work. Which is creepy, but I wasn’t too worried with it because I just wanted him out of our house. 

I think he saw that I was creeped out though – I was giving him my “you’re being effing weird” look. 

So he leaves – I hear him walk through the dining room, the kitchen, the front room, and I hear the door squeak open and closed. I even thought I heard a car. So I get up to lock the front door and get around for bed. 

I walk into the front room, feeling a little uncomfortable. The voice in the back of my head is telling me to grab a weapon, get my dad, something. I open my bedroom door (which squeaks) and he grabs me. 

I wake up, heart pounding and eyes wide. 


And now here I am, sitting in my bed with my laptop and a hammer. I checked every room in the house, but I have this nagging feeling that if I close my eyes that old guy is still going to be there. 

I’ll probably find out after I post this.


Hopefully my brother heard my yelp when he grabbed me and will come to my rescue if this is a continuing dream.


Peace, Love, and Good dreams,





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