Slurping Chocolate Milk and Thinking About My Night

So, in the end I may get crap for posting this in my blog but, as stated in this post, I don’t really care.


Something happened yesterday that, while slightly dramatic, amused me greatly.

See, I was surfing twitter (dododododododoo (that’s me singing while I surf, because I can’t whistle like a normal person)) and I came across Sean’s ex-girlfriend. I casually looked it over, because I’m nosy and because sometimes she has worthwhile things to post, like quotes. Well, I found one I liked a great deal and chose to retweet it. Why? Because I think if you’re going to take something from someone else as such, it’s only fair to credit them. You don’t have to respond to a retweet, it’s just recognition that you are where this quote came from for me.


Well, she felt the need to respond (of course). And it turned into this ridiculous thing and ended with her making her twitter private.

Why am I amused?

Because this girl is self-centered. She likes to act like I’m obsessed with her every time our lives intersect even vaguely, as they did yesterday. (It’s not like she stalked this blog for weeks, reading everything I posted, to make sure I wasn’t writing about her or her sister). She gets super defensive and nasty, saying things like: “I enjoy when my ex has a new girl who has nothing better to do with her time than read about my life. Didn’t know I was so interesting #howsweet” and persisting to tell me over and over again that we aren’t friend and have no need to be.

I know we aren’t – I never claimed we were – I just retweeted a quote you posted. And I didn’t realize friendship was need-based.

She says she doesn’t even want to be involved with me, calls me a problem, and ends the conversation with “sorry you wanted to be friends so badly” before making her twitter private. Because even the thought of me looking at her stuff is a problem for her.


Sorry, I haven’t actually made my point yet – my point is I was completely calm last night (even when I made my last comments, which were not at all nice and definitely went too far. But she probably didn’t see them as she had already blocked me), while she was clearly upset. Upset enough to have her mother text Sean asking him to tell me to stop. She gets all worked up about how I’m so obsessed and I just need to get out of her life and says things like she’s over it, when she so clearly isn’t and clearly has a HUGE problem with me.

It shouldn’t be funny, but when something as simple as a retweet by you can get someone THAT worked up, it’s a little funny.


To be fair, I can’t portray her as such without sharing my own final comments, which were something along the lines of (they’ve been deleted) “I don’t want to be friends. Why would I want to be friends with someone who tried to destroy my relationship and then attacked me?” “Oh, and then called her ex crying about it?”

I’ll openly admit that was probably taking it a step too far. But it felt good to finally say it to her, even if she didn’t necessarily see it.


Either way, she’s blocked me from facebook (unnecessary as I deleted her from my friends month ago when it occured to me that I didn’t want to be friends with someone like that) and made her twitter private. I’m surprised she didn’t go bitch to Sean again. Honestly, with how much she hates me I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she still had feelings for him. She has no other reason to hate me so passionately.


Well, that was the drama of my night. Fun times, hahaha. I’ve got to go get ready for work now, so I’ll catch you all later.

Peace, Love, and A Small Helping of Drama,

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