Can This Week Be Over?

It hasn’t been a bad day, for a Monday. (I know, I know, it’s only noon, things could still get tragically awful).

I’m just tired. I was up late talking with Sean.

I’m also hungry.

And I’m bored with work. I don’t want to be here. I want to be at home, doing productive things like cleaning, unpacking, and writing. And working on carolyn and caleb’s wedding gift.

And I just want it to be Saturday, dammit.

I can’t believe Sean is going to be here in less than a week. It still feels pretty surreal.


Random thought. Last night Sean actually offered to remove Jessica from his facebook friends. It was weird because the last time I brought her up in a “I don’t understand why you’re friends with her” way he very definitely did not even come close to offering that. I kind of wonder if something has changed, but i don’t think it really matters. I have no intention of asking him to do that, but the offer was a pleasant surprise.


Lunch time!

Peace, Love, and mini-blogs,

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