My Eyes Are Sleepy, but that has nothing to do with this post

Sorry for the long pause in blogging :/ Finals week is happening and I’ve been cramming like none other.

I just wanted to take a moment to say how happy I am with where Sean and I are relationship wise.

There was a time in our relationship as a whole where if we didn’t talk every night, one of us would end up feeling hurt/upset/etc. It made spending time with friends or having other obligations difficult at times, and it was just….hard. In the past week or two we’ve both been busy with our own thing, so we’ve been video chatting every other night, or every couple nights, as opposed to every night. And it’s actually been kind of nice. I’ve been busy studying, but I haven’t felt pressured to make time with him. I’ve gone out with my friends, he’s hung out with his friends. We’ve had phone calls on most of the days we don’t video chat, but they aren’t too long. And then, when a day comes that we have time and we get to video chat, it’s more exciting than usual, because I get to see his face and it makes me so so so happy.


It’s just really nice. I’m glad we’re at this place where things aren’t stressful or difficult.


It’s funny because my dad once told me that was what a long distance relationship was like – putting off plans because you have to be home in time for that phone call, etc. And I told him he was silly. But at the same time, that was kind of a stage in our relationship.


Oh, also. He sent me flowers. See?


Aren’t they beautious?! There are 3 lilies in there, because lilies are my favorite! The third one just started blooming today, which makes it even better because it’s just getting prettier!!


I’m just so happy. It’s nice to look back on our relationship and see how…solid it’s becoming.


Peace, Love, and Good Grades,



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