Top Five Things I Love About Carthage in the Spring Time

Spring has finally come to us here at Carthage College, after a lot of cold weather scattered with random warm days. As I retire to my room after a long day of classes and sitting on the beach, I’ve decided to compile a small list highlighting the perks of going to college on Lake Michigan.


1. The Beach

Because, really, after a long day of studies, there isn’t much better than wiggling your toes in the sand and watching the tide roll in.


2. The Ivy that Grows on the Side of Johnson Hall

As the weather gets nicer, the leaves grow back, giving Johnson a lovely green look. Then the birds come back! While it may not be as pleasant for the people who live right by the ivy, I love walking by and hearing the birds chirping and making their nests.


3. Other wildlife

Today, I almost touched a bunny. Back in the fall the wildlife was pretty lively as well – I saw a raccoon climb out a trashcan. It scared the crap out of me,but it was pretty darn cool to see.


4. The Wind

On days like today, when the wind is a little less harsh and a little more of a rolling breeze, it’s nice.


5. The Grass

After wiggling your toes in the sand, it’s nice to walk through the soft green grass to clean them off.


What do you love about your campus? Is it something seasonal or something you can enjoy year round?

I encourage you all to take a minute to appreciate where you are and everything wonderful about it ❤


Peace, Love, and Flowers,


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