Today has been…exhausting.


Last night Sof and I had a small argument-type-thing about my time spent with friends – it’s been very minimal recently. It was a super busy week. And then they were all hanging out last night, and I was staying in and having a date with Sean (which was a great time, by the way). So this morning I texted her, told her some of the things she said had hurt my feelings, and asked if we could talk.

Once she finished her homework we hung out on her floor’s lounge and played cards and talked, worked everything out, and had a really nice time.

However, I went over there worried we’d fight, and by the end of the night I learned that Nora, someone I thought was my good friends, doesn’t like me. Like, to the point that she asked Sof not to invite me to hang out last night, and refused to come play cards today when she learned that I was there. She’s even deleted me from facebook.

It’s sad because I have NO idea why she’sย eradicatingย me from her life. We never fought, she just…quit talking to me.

I feel bad because it’s effecting her friendship with Sof too, because Sof told me this and Nora didn’t want her to. :/


I’m really grateful that Sof told me though, and that she’s trying to help Nora and I work things out.


What I don’t understand is why she dislikes me. She mentioned to Sof the time I was going to drive her to the train station, and then there was a snow storm, and I asked her if she could find another way there. It’s not that I didn’t want to drive her, but my dad made me promise I wouldn’t drive if the weather was too bad. So I asked her to find another way, and told her if she couldn’t I’d drive her anyway. But she did. I even called her the morning of to make sure she had a ride.

But she’s telling Sof that I ditched the morning of because I was too tired. Which is crazy because it’s not even in my character to pull something like that.


*sigh* I’m sad. Nora was my second real friend here, and I was very lonely when I met her and very happy to meet her. I would really like to fix things with her.


I feel like a lot more happened but I’m just tired and I have a lot of homework to do so I’m going to do that now.


Peace, Love and Gatsby,



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