Skype Dates Are Good Dates

Sooo, today has been chill. I talked to Sean until, like, 4 in the morning, while also drawing my junisaurus.

This morning I went to brunch with some of my favorite people, and then studied a bunch for my human symbolic activity exam.

Now Sean and I are talking again (he takes up a significant part of my weekend, but it makes up for how busy we are during the week). We watched a short film called Spider. It was…interesting, and weird. It started out with that quote “it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eyes,” and ended with, well, someone losing an eye. It’s only 9 minutes long, so if you have time and a netflix, you should totally check it out and tell me what you think yourself πŸ™‚Β 

After that Sean ordered us each a pizza. And we’re about to start the movie Welcome To The Rileys.

(clearly, pizza + movie = the best skype date)

Hopefully this movie is good. It has Kristen Stewart in it, and she generally gets a pretty bad rap. But I really liked her in Speak (fantastic movie, and book), so I have high hopes.

Tonight is looking like a good night. After our movie date, I’m going to go play DDR with friends. Andrew and I decided we’d do push-ups and crunches between songs, to make up for his lack of work out yesterday and our joint lack of work out Thursday.

Also, I found this earlier today, while going through my tumblr from, like, January;

(hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did):

P.S. I linked the image to a good bon iver song, also! I hope you enjoy.

Peace, Love, and Weekends,



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