I’m Starting To Think Andrew Is Trying To Kill Me

Work-out day dos:

Swam 12-ish laps (three 100’s)
Took a break in the hot tub
I feel like I’m going to die.


I’ve only eaten around 1276 calories though, so I’ll probably eat something else after a while. Right now I’m too busy dying to even considering eating something.


Really though, Andrew is one of the best work out partners. I don’t think anyone has ever pushed me like this – most people just go “okay, fine,” after I start whining about being tired and sore and not wanting to do more. Andrew won’t even let me negotiate how much more I do.

“No, do another 100. Don’t stop on your last 25. Go.”

So demanding. But I’m very grateful, even though I told him I hated him a lot tonight.


My arms feel heavy and jell-o-y.


In other news, I have an essay to finish tonight. I’ll be posting a “to do” (or “to due” if you feel like being punny) list soon, because that’s the easiest way for me to stay on top of important school work. There is good news – my paper is due at 2 tomorrow, but I have no classes because it’s Assessment Day! YAY!


Sean’s been pretty stressed recently. I’m a little worried about him, even though I know he can handle this. I’m going to try to get him to bed a little earlier than bedtime tonight, he needs the sleep.


I had 52 views the other day! Sunday, actually, the same night that a lot of drama went down. I’m still trying to figure out if 52 people looked at my blog of their own accord, or if two people shared my blog with a lot of their friends. I’m hoping for the first.


I’m off to finish my essay now πŸ™‚ Topic? Dante and Montaigne’s views on imagination. I got a B on the first draft, so I’m not too worried, but I feel like I should get to work before my physical fatigue spreads to my brain.


Peace, Love, and Gettin’ Fit,




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