Apologies All Around (Alliteration yay!)

Today was…something. It started out super awesome – breakfast with my family before my big trip back to school 🙂 I mean, really, what better way to start a day?


I got back to school, took care of everything, and took a well deserved 3 hour nap. 

It was nice.


Watched a show with Sean. And then things got a little, um, stressful.

But it’s okay.

I’ve apologized to one person, though there is probably another I should apologize to (if you happen to see this, I am really sorry for the hurt I’ve caused you. I never meant to hurt anyone, nor for this to go as far as it has. I hope that, while you may not want to speak to me, you can at least forgive me for that hurt). 


While I may not be able to make amends with all the people who’ve been involved in the recent drama, I’ve said my apologies, and things may be in the process of, um, healing? or something like that, with one of them. 


I’ve also apologized to Sean. I feel bad that things got so out of hand, and that he was also hurt in the process, even if I didn’t directly cause that hurt. 


In conclusion: today was a roller coaster. 

But I have hopes for the future? 


Peace, Love, and Forgiveness,



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