I feel kinda si…

I feel kinda sick to my tummy. 

Sean is…something, I’m not really sure what. He’s been quiet, and thinky, and it all makes me quite nervous. 

I’m trying really hard to believe that it’s not important and not going to effect us or anything. 

Because I have to try to believe him. It’s only fair. 


But it really bothers me that I had to ask him if he was okay like 3 or 4 times before he actually told me he wasn’t. He probably wouldn’t have even said he wasn’t if I hadn’t asked so many times.

I guess. I figure since we have this whole “no secrets” thing going, I feel like I shouldn’t need to ask him if he’s okay 3 or 4 times. I’m upfront with him about things, even just when I’m not feeling entirely like myself, and I kind of expect the same thing from him, y’know?

He also was just thinking about Jess and I know that’s really entirely reasonable, because she was a significant part of his past, but all past things considered, it doesn’t help my nerves. 


Additionally I’m tired and a little irritable and almost finished packing to go home. 

I got a fish today. I need to name him. Or her. I think it’s a girl. But I’m not sure yet. 


I’m going to try to actually talk with Sean now, before sleepy-times.


Peace, Love, and Home,



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