Symptoms of Being a Woman

So. Pretty much this weekend, since Thursday night, was hell.


Whitney’s boyfriend stayed the night Thursday night. The same night she had left with intentions of dumping his controlling ass (I really don’t like him, or the way he treats her).

He snores three times as loud as she does. And she snores pretty loud.

That put a damper on, y’know, sleeping.


Friday was all around shit. I woke up angry about the sleep situation.
I got a bad grade on my first Human Symbolic Activity exam.
I forgot my book for Western Heritage.
My friends do this stupid fancy feast thing on Friday nights, where they all dress up to go to dinner.
I was having a bad day and didn’t want to dress up, but I’m not allowed to join them for dinner on Fridays unless I dress up.
So I didn’t do dinner with my friends.
(Periods are uncomfortable enough without adding a skirt).

I was a fifth wheel for the remainder of the night.


Saturday my friends went on a double date to Chicago, so I went to the library, alone.
Sean was busy, we didn’t talk much until late at night before he went to bed.


Today I got in my first car accident! And got my first ticket ($88.80)!

AND got 4 points on my license.


Pretty much I just feel like shit. I am emotionally, physically, and mentally drained, and I’m just ready for break.


It is definitely bed time.




Peace, Love, and Hopes For A Better Week,



P.S. Sean is cute. He’s telling me how pretty I look today. Which to me is silly because he didn’t seem me until after the accident, which means after I’d been crying/panicking for, like, 2 hours, and I never did my hair, and I’ve been very irritable (irritable people are 10 times less attractive). He’s a sweetheart, really he is.

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